Wallington Residential Medical Special Needs Program

Posted: Saturday, October 18, 2014


Dear Borough Residents of Wallington,

On behalf of the Wallington Mayor and Council, the Wallington Emergency Squad, the Wallington Fire Department, the Wallington Office of Emergency Management and the Wallington Police Department I would like to introduce you to a special program we are offering to our residents free of charge.

It is called the Residential Medical Special Needs Program or R.M.S.N. for short. This program allows the Wallington Police to collect information about residents with medical special needs that may be affected during power outages or natural disasters. A special medical need may be a person that is hearing impaired, speech impaired, visually impaired, has a mobility difficulty (in a wheel chair), has a mental health difficulty, health is power dependent (need electric for medical devices such as an oxygen concentrator) or has another type of medical special need.

These are only a few examples of medical special needs but we are not limiting our program to just those specific medical needs. The information you provide us will be stored in the Wallington Police data base and will only be utilized by public safety agencies within the Borough of Wallington. The information will allow the Wallington Police Department to dispatch the Wallington Emergency Squad or Fire Department to these special needs residents, to provide aid, during a crisis.

I am asking all residents with a special medical need to please fill out the form attached to this letter and mail it to the Wallington Police Department (54 Union Blvd, Wallington NJ 07057), ATTN: Lieutenant Carmello Imbruglia. I will contact you within a week of delivery to confirm that I have received your form and that you are signed up for the program. If you know a family member or neighbor with a special need please make them aware of this program.

Lt Carmello Imbruglia
Wallington Police Dept

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